About Phil Greatorexphil_greatorex_professional_photographer


It was in a loud gymnasium in rural Michigan, that I first realized I was serious

about photography.  My career began in high school, shooting basketball

games for the local newspaper, black and white sports photography developed

and printed in my parents’ basement.  A far cry from what I do today.

I eventually received an education from R.I.T. in Professional Photography.

After school I went to work for the Detroit car shooters of the day, as an

assistant, gripping and lighting for the man.  I learned how to light from these

guys, and went to work for myself in 1997.greatorex_crew_location_photographer


My crew and I have traveled through America’s landscape shooting for clients

like Jeep, Harley-Davidson and Ford.  Every shoot has its challenges, but we

wouldn’t have it any other way.  In the studio we are equally at home, lighting

and shooting whatever we can fit through the door.  The Greatorex team

strives for creative and technical solutions to meet all our client’s needs.

Modern cameras, speedy computers, good music and conversation can

always be found on set.location_photographer_michigan_detroit


Aside from the time I spend shooting, I enjoy creating stuff, for a lack of a

better word.  Anything goes, no rules, I use concrete, glass, steel, electronics

and plastics to build furniture, wall art, and sculptures.  Some creations are

keepers and others are soon to be landfill.  But I press on because building

things is my passion, whether it’s a bar-b-que in the shape of a drum kit, or

a three car studio shoot with an impatient elephant.  Lets do it.